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Love Exists Another 364 Days Of The Year. 

I know being a florist, I shouldn't say this…. Valentines Day, is so commercialized. It's the day that everyone races out and spends a fortune on red roses. When really most women DON'T EVEN REALLY LIKE RED ROSES!!! Sorry to any men who are reading this.  Honestly why don't  you try buying  your partners favourite flower? Instead of the same dozen red roses.  If you take a note out of my florist book (I'm female by the way). Do something different next year and watch the response you get. TRUST ME!!! 

I bet  you don't even know why you give red roses on valentines day? I have been researching it and there are all different theories / stories. Some of the things I have been reading shows that its actually more of a brutal story rather than romantic…..

What I do know, is the build up and the hours and hours of work that goes into one day is exhausting. If you treated your loved ones everyday, the way you do on valentines day, there would be so much more love in the air and less negative energy. I know we would all be very broke if that was the case…. Why not surprise a friend or your partner with a bunch of flowers, their favourite lollies or even their favourite bottle of wine. For absolutely NO REASON AT ALL, just because you love them!!!!

red roses, valentines day, purple roses, pastel roses, columbian roses, red flowers, rose, red rose, single red rose, single rose, double bay florist, cherry brandy roses, wedding roses, florist, rheannon lee floral designsThe world puts a lot of pressure / emphasis on being in a relationship. Yet people forget that the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. "LOVE YOURSELF FIRST & EVERYTHING ELSE FALLS INTO LINE" - Lucille Ball". Be happy within you and love the person who you are and you will make everyday a happy valentines day for YOU!!!.

I know Im giving you all the honest truth but the thing is….. We all need to wake up to ourselves and we don't always have to "KEEP UP WITH THE JONES" .  Rheannon Lee xx