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Destination Australian Native Wedding

I am always so honoured when friends and family ask me to create their flowers for their special day. Friends Zoe and Simon, planned a beautiful destination wedding down the coast at Gerringong for their special wedding day.

Zoe wanted the Australian Native look and feel to match the stunning setting they had for the wedding ceremony. What we created was a mix of white and lemon coloured flowers which were used through out the entire day. The mix of flowers used through out Zoe's wedding bouquet was grevillea, freesias, kangaroo paw, buddleia, flannel flowers and silver eucalyptus gum foliage. We ribboned off the ends with hessian material, to tie in the rustic country scenery.

The happy couple were very lucky and came across their ceremony location by chance. It was an amazing view, over looking all of Gerringong on a private property.

The signing table had a cluster of vintage jars, filled with billy buttons in one jar, wattle in another, white flannel flowers in another. There was a maiden hair fern incorporated to give the table a touch of green.

For the reception we wanted to bring the country and Australian-a feel to the venue. We grouped bundles of ivy and eucalyptus gum, with a mix of bouvardia, grevillea and kangaroo paw. We then hung these bunches off each light fitting. It matched the hand made bunting that was hung from rigging points within the room. There was also country rustic vintage jars placed on tables through out the room, these jars were filled with a mix of  yellow and white natives.

Zoe's words…."Rheannon created the most beautiful arrangements for our wedding day, I requested Australian native earthy tones and she made our vision come to life. Loved her work!"

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How To Say Good bye…

Saying Goodbye With Flowers & A Personal Touch….

Floristry can be all about big events, weddings and Happy Birthdays. Of course there are funerals too.I really do enjoy making funeral pieces. As the family is trusting me to make something so special for their day to say GOODBYE.

I always feel so honoured when people ask me, if I will create the flowers for their loved ones. Even though it is a sad time, it is a time to remember their happy face, the joy they brought to your life and the fun you had together.

When I speak to the family members about what their angels personality was like. I find out as much as I can. From who they were as a person, what colours they liked and what sort of environment they enjoyed.  As I like to create pieces that express exactly who they were.

I have worked for other businesses in the past, watching them mass produce casket covers one by one. Just like there was no love and that it was just another job.  After seeing that with my own eyes, I swore to myself I would NEVER, EVER do that to a family. As every person that has passed is just so special, they too need a special send off, with happy memories for the families.

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Using a certain flower, scent, colour or even adding a personal belonging, is something special
for the family to see.  Using a scent (say Gardenia's for example), every time you smelt that flower you could be reminded of that person. Knowing they are looking down on you, or if your lucky enough you could maybe feel their precence at that very moment.

Creating casket covers for people whom I have known and loved, has always been tough. When making these pieces, I know they wouldn't want me to be upset. The crazy thing is, something comes over me and I am able to create something more AMAZING than I first invisioned. People ask me.... How can I possibly do it? The strength within you is stronger than you think!!!

I know I can make a sad day just that little bit extra special for you and your family. So if you would like me make something amazing for you, just give me a call and I would be more than happy too help.  Rheannon Lee xx