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I Need To Explain, How These Work!!!

Its most girls dreams to wake  up every morning and wear a flower crown for the day. Ok…. thats my dream!!!
Flower crowns look so beautiful, elegant and can make you feel like a princess. They are worn on wedding days, for hens parties, and of course the races.  We can always make what you need.  What we have to do to construct them is, individually wire every leaf, berry, flower, succulent, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!!!

After you have wired everything (the correct way to make it sturdy and strong), you need to wrap the floral material around each piece of wire.  (This is after you have lost the feeling in your finger tips!!!)

Please please PLEASE….. Don't go on to "HOW TO DIY FLOWER CROWN VIDEOS" and try and get the advice to CABLE TIE the flowers together. As I heard a horror story. A bride was sitting at her hen's lunch, the flower crown fell to pieces, throughout the entire lunch. So please don't take that VERY STUPID  advice.

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If you want a big, beautiful, well constructed halo. Get a professional florist to put it together for you. What us florists need you to understand, it can take up to over an hour to make. Sometimes even longer depending on the style of design you are after.  So if you give us enough notice we can make it happen. So please don't call the morning of your event,  thinking one can be magically put together. (You would be surprised how many phone calls we do receive.)

I absolutely LOVE making big, full and lush flower crowns. Having a big focal piece on the crown (like a peony, orchid or even a garden rose), can give it that extra special look.  I must admit seeing little flower girls, all dressed up. Then you add there tiny little flower crown as an angelic halo, they just look too cute!!! Even though they take a long time to make.  I am a sucker and I love making them for myself.

Lucky thing for me is.... My husband is into horse racing, so I love spring carnival time, flower crowns and bubbles.